Another successful event!

Hello again folks! Due, in large part, to our dedicated team of volunteers and YOU, the operators who care enough to check in, 2023 was the most successful HF contact year yet! The 5th annual WHSES turned out to be a great opportunity to spread the word about preventing wildfire whilst also recognizing the efforts … Read more


Hello! You will find all of the 2023 frequencies below. If we encounter interference at these frequencies, we will attempt to stay very close to the below listed frequencies. Please remember… We will have antennas built for 40 meters and 10 meters with us for HF operation. We will not be capable of trying other … Read more

2023 WHSES Equipment

Hello folks! In just about a month we will be holding the Fifth Annual Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station! For those of you who are interested, here are the basic details on equipment we will be fielding this year: Two HF SSB transceivers; one Yaesu FT-857D and one Realistic HTX-100. We will have three different … Read more

2023 WHSES Dates Announced

Hello folks! For all subsequent years, the Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station will be held the SECOND FULL WEEKEND of July. For 2023, that means we will be on the air, making the sacrifice of wildland firefighters and their associated support known on July 7th and 8th of 2023. Our location is to be announced … Read more

The 2022 Wrap Up

Hello folks! First, let me thank every one of you who participated this year! Just as in previous years, we had excellent QSO’s with all of you and I know that your recognition of the efforts and sacrifices of wildland firefighters and their associated support personnel really makes a difference both near and far. We … Read more

Equipment For The 2022 WFSES

In case you are interested… Hello again folks… In case you are interested, we will be having two stations setup for contacts this year and anywhere from 3-4 volunteers working the two stations. One station will be setup with a 2 meter only VHF FM transceiver. It will be using either a large monoband omnidirectional … Read more

2022 Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station Details

You are invited and your QSO is welcome! Hello folks! We are finally set for a date and schedule on the 4th annual Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station! Please join us for a QSO on July 30th, from 0730-1930 PDT as we recognize the painstaking, lifesaving and sometimes tragic efforts of emergency crews and their … Read more

2021 Certificates

Hello to all of you who participated in the 2021 WHSES! It came to my attention that some of you may not have received your 2021 SES certificates. I was chatting with one of our fellows operators who worked us on HF and he told me that he never saw the certificate PDF in his … Read more


Hello folks… This is being posted in April of 2022. I am currently optimizing and reorganizing the Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station website. Please bear with me while I make these changes. Thank you, please continue to pray for our wildland firefighters!