2022 Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station Details

You are invited and your QSO is welcome!

Hello folks! We are finally set for a date and schedule on the 4th annual Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station!

Please join us for a QSO on July 30th, from 0730-1930 PDT as we recognize the painstaking, lifesaving and sometimes tragic efforts of emergency crews and their affiliated partners while they battle wildfires in western North America.

We will be making contacts on the 2 meter national simplex and 7.250 HF frequencies and we also hope to be utilizing the Iron Mountain repeater (147.04) in Curry County, Oregon. We will be observing the Wilderness Protocol for the 2 meter frequencies as well as calling every half hour for contacts.

The Iron Mountain repeater has been having a tad bit of interference lately, so we may need to forego that option but we will be making our best efforts to make QSO’s with you!

Thank you again for your interest and efforts to work us on Saturday, 73 folks!

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