Equipment For The 2022 WFSES

In case you are interested…

Hello again folks… In case you are interested, we will be having two stations setup for contacts this year and anywhere from 3-4 volunteers working the two stations. One station will be setup with a 2 meter only VHF FM transceiver. It will be using either a large monoband omnidirectional antenna or a 4 element beam. We will be attempting to make 2 meter FM simplex (146.520) contacts and perhaps also using the Iron Mountain (147.040) repeater, as we would traditionally desire. However, the Iron Mountain repeater has been experiencing some trouble lately so we may have to skip that option this year.

The HF setup will employ two monoband HF antennas, manually switched. One of them will be an MFJ-2240 Hamstick Dipole on an “arm strong” rotator at the top of a mast. The other will be an end fed 40-20-10 QRP sloper. We will be using it solely on 40 meters, at about 7.250 on the dial.

All equipment will be operating off of portable battery power only.

thank you for your continued interest folks, and we look forward to your QSO on Saturday, the 30th!

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