The 2022 Wrap Up

Hello folks!

First, let me thank every one of you who participated this year! Just as in previous years, we had excellent QSO’s with all of you and I know that your recognition of the efforts and sacrifices of wildland firefighters and their associated support personnel really makes a difference both near and far.

We had a really successful year – by the numbers. We had our best (we broke our records for sheer numbers, longest QSO and shortest QSO (2 mile 40 meter QSO!)) HF related contact year up to this point (this was our 4th annual event); but the WHSES is about far more than just quantity – it is mostly about the quality of contacts and building relationships with folks while getting the word out about fire prevention and our appreciation for the effort and sacrifice of so many on our behalf. Surely, each one of you helped us to make that happen. Thank you again.

Also, a quick but genuine thank you to my volunteers this year. It was another pleasant and enjoyable effort on our side of things and the team did a good job. Our greatest measure of success might be the bunch of laughs we had as well. Thanks to you for making it an easier row for me to hoe yet again. And, thanks for the memories which I will dwell upon from time to time as the years go by.

We are looking forward to next year (2023) already. REMEMBER… For all subsequent years, I intend to always select the SECOND full weekend in July for WHSES. I will post the tentative schedule on this website and will do so soon.

Until next year, remember… ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT WILDFIRES. And, only our Wildfire Heroes can battle them, keeping us all safe on our lands, in our homes and our communities.

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