2023 WHSES Equipment

Hello folks! In just about a month we will be holding the Fifth Annual Wildfire Heroes Special Event Station!

For those of you who are interested, here are the basic details on equipment we will be fielding this year:

Two HF SSB transceivers; one Yaesu FT-857D and one Realistic HTX-100. We will have three different antennas deployed. Two for the 40 meter band and one of the 10 meter band. The 40 meter antennas will include an end fed as well as a portable dipole. The 10 meter antenna will be a portable vertical.

As in all prior events, we will be operating via battery power.

We will also have 2M FM capability and taking checkins on VHF FM frequencies as well. Be sure to listen for us on the 2M national simplex as we use the wilderness protocol to call for QSO’s. We will also be calling for QSO’s on the Iron Mountain repeater occasionally throughout the day.

We hope to hear you on the air!



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